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"My name is Zeke and I’m a 4 month old boxer.  I was born in the country with my eight brothers and sisters; we ran the farm. I ended up being a hell raiser on the South Side of Chicago.  That is how I ended up in Amy’s puppy imprinting program.  Amy showed me the light, and you should see me now.  My owners were very impressed with Amy’s dedication and professionalism and happy with the outcome. I can’t wait to see Amy but so far I’ve been a good little puppy."  

Zeke, Boxer

We were at our wits end with our brand new puppy, Harley. He was out of control, jumping and biting not only our family, but guests who came to our home. Our veterinarian predicted his weight would eventually exceed one hundred pounds, so we knew we needed some help. In one training session, Amy was able to teach us techniques that two months of reading puppy training books and searching online help sites could not. From the minute she walked into our home, Amy was in control. Our puppy was very determined not to be trained, but Amy’s persistence and techniques taught him that he no longer ruled the house. Our puppy is now 10 months old and weighs close to 90 pounds and we are so grateful for Amy’s help. We can now invite guests over without worrying that Harley will knock them over or chew them to pieces. Thanks Amy!    

-Pat Grimms & Harley

"Amy gave me hope that even the most energetic and wild boxer puppy could be trained. After five minutes she was able to adapt her training techniques to Partner's needs and in no time he was following her instructions intently. I've used her tips ever since and I now have a fun and obedient dog. Thank you Amy for sharing your expertise. 
-Jon Rogers & Partner
My dogs were ANGELS today! We had 30 people over and lots of kids running all over and even a 15 month old crawling around. Lily was beyond perfect! I didn't even plotz her! She let strangers walk in and she politely greeted them as I opened the front door. We didn't even have to watch her or worry. It was the BEST feeling! And Jessie was pretty calm. I'm so happy! This is all because of YOU! -Mike & Rosina Yunker
As you can see from the pictures of my Doberman Zeus, Amy does not hesitate to accept very powerful and challenging dogs. Zeus became trained to go from a "down" command to exhibiting the protection behavior exhibited in the photos in a very short period of time. Behavioral therapy is an art and the application of techniques requires extensive skill with "how and when" each tailored technique is delivered to ensure maximum learning. Amy excels at the "art of application". I also have a female Doberman that does not have the same traits as Zeus and she was able to readily identify her strengths and weaknesses and apply the most beneficial teaching methods. Amy focuses on and excels in the use of positive reinforcement but also understands some dogs may need other methods to achieve your end goal. My Dobes Zeus and Zeena are two totally different dogs and it was fascinating to watch Amy adjust her approach to teaching them to achieve maximum results in a short period of time. But most of all, both dogs had fun while doing it! I can say with confidence that Amy has the knowledge and skills to help you with any of your training needs! -Byron Nelson  M.S. Ed., L.C.P.C., N.C.C., Behavioral Therapist
Zeke's been doing very well.  My poor puppy had a paw injury and than got bit by a spider, so we weren't walking him as much but we were still doing his training sessions. When he got better we started to walk him more and he started pulling more and grabbing his leash. John and I got him back in shape and he is doing much much better. We almost had to call you.  John and I do his training sessions in the house and outside and he's doing wonderful. That "bed" command is the best command you could of ever taught him.  Thank you again!
-John and Angel Duke

Zeena, Doberman Pinscher

Harley, Black Labrador Retriever

Zeus, Doberman Pinscher