StellarShaneequa's Handy vom Schaferfeld, "Stella"


Stella is a 13 year old German Shepherd Dog for the vom Schaferfeld Shepherds in Fulton, MO.  She is from Czech import lines and is wired for the sport of Schutzhund. Stella’s favorite thing in the entire world is doing bite work or playing fetch! She lives and breathes to bite a sleeve!  At 10 weeks old, Stella proved to be quite the cocky puppy as she was already lunging in the air for a tug.  Stella is able to complete an AKC Novice and Open routines, as well as a SCH BH and SCH I routines.  Stella is also a narcotics detection dog and can detect cocaine and marijuana.  At 4 months old she did a narcotics search on 5 cars with 3 different finds.  She scored an impressive 100 and passed the narcotics test with flying colors! Stella is the epitome of a German Shepherd Dog in that she is a fierce protection dog who is wired to work, but also a very sweet, affectionate dog who loves attention. 
Stella obtained her BH in Schutzhund in October 2010 in West Chicago, IL.
 ***Stella has been sold to a security firm in Houston, TX. Seal Security Group decided to utilize Stella's narcotics detection skills and she is doing very well down in the south. Stella is a true working dog. She was bred to work, and now she finally has a real job! Go get 'em Stelly!

Mia May Hamm, "Mia"


Mia is a 13 year old lab/pit bull mix I adopted from the Animal Protection Association in St. Louis, MO.  Mia is a tiny, little girl with a huge personality. At 8 weeks old, Mia was an agility whiz. She passed an AKC Novice agility routine with an impressive score of 98 at the Tom Rose School!  Mia has excellent heeling and is capable of completing AKC Novice and Open routines, as well as a SCH BH and SCH II routines. Along with her Schutzhund training, Mia has proven to be quite the tracker.  At 5 months of age, she completed a SCH I track with a score of 85! Although she is only a whopping 42 lbs., Mia loves doing bite work. She enjoys “playing” with the helper and strictly does it for fun. Mia is a Canine Good Citizen, a title she received at 11 weeks old, and has a bright future in the AKC obedience ring. Mia competed in a 2 day trial in Springfield, IL in the Novice class A. The first day she won 1st place with a score of 192. The second day she won 2nd place with a score of 190. These two days were some of AKC's first events allowing mixed breeds to compete with purebreds...we showed them mutts are just as good as purebreds!  Mia finished her CD title at an AKC show in Pacific, MO with another 1st place win, and a score of 192.

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Draak von Mastock


Draak is an 11 year old Belgian Malinois who competes in the sport PSA (Protection Sports Association) where he earned his PDC (Protection Dog Certificate). We are currently working on getting him to earn his PSA1 title.

He earned his PDC in the PSA Midwest Regionals held in St. Anne, IL in September 2012. He is a very handsome fellow with a very sweet personality...if he knows you! 

Draak is a hard hitting, hard biting big boy. He tends to do things at 1/2 speed, but he more then makes up for it in his powerful bite.

He has taken on the role of "puppy trainer" for me in helping me to socialize and properly correct puppies that are in for training.

Anja's Despicable Gru von der Kugel, "Gru"


Gru is an 8 year old Belgian Malinois who I have very high hopes for. Gru's father is an IPO III dog and his mother is an active competitor in PSA. I picked Gru out of a litter of 10 puppies. He was the smallest, with the biggest attitude and the biggest personality. Gru is proving to be quite the dog so far. He continues to impress me every day with how quick he learns things.

He is already a monster in protection work and is taking a good amount of pressure for a young pup. I have high hopes for this little guy!

Gru will make a great police canine some day, or I may just keep him and see how far we can go in PSA! I can't wait to see how he matures!!!